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Tacoma, WA, us
Dec 10 (Sagittarius)
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12-7-09 well here it is December and we still haven't been back to Vegas yet. I tried to convince Hubs that we HAD to go to the Elvis Cirque preview at Aria but no go, that's the time of the year when he has all double and triple time days. It's hard to tear him away from those. Kitchen is almost done. I made the mistake of ordering our finish trim from the Home Depot and it kept coming in scuffed and nicked so we finally told the cabinet guys to just put up the last batch and we'll touch it up once it's up. We jusst want the kitchen to be finished already! I thought I'd have all kinds of time to spend chatting with you all once the kitchen was done, but I fell at the local teriyaki resteraunt on October 16 and whacked my knees good as well as jarring my back and shoulders so am hanving fun, fun, fun running to doctors, physical therapy and chiropractors. The latest is that they think I might have a tear in my knee somewhere. After insisting they were fine and all I needed was a little physical therapy. URGH! Thanksgiving was lovely got some quality time with my step son and he really loved all the one on one time with his dad. It's nice to see that relationship growing so nicely. ******************************************************* Been busy remodeling the kitchen. But miss you all. I'm wireless now wo have easier access and should be around more. : ) **************************** Hi- I just joined thanks to Haleysmom. I took the jump from the LVA website. I love all the great stuff here! Looking forward to getting to know you all better. IHusband has been at Boeing 36 years starting in August!! Two step kids. They are 30 and 27. I'm back. Thanks for all the warm welcomes! Should have written yesterday but spent HOURS reading all the great trip reports. I'm soooo hooked. Stepdaughter bragging: She was in the Hot 100 issue of Maxim magazine for 2007. She was the only non-celeb in the insert. You can see her on the 2nd or 3rd page. (the Jose Cuervo ad.) Our current family includes the two dogs: Thurston Howl III - Bichon Frise 6 years old Gilligan Charles Wallis - Cavachon (bichon, cavalier mix) 5 years old. I've lived in Montana, Iowa and Wisconsin and Washington state. Little known fact: I attended circus school in Baraboo, WI, and learned a Spanish Web act, (not so good on the tightrope). I've petted a stingray. I've traveled to: Mexico- bought a car, got a free cruise Grand Cayman- honeymoon Aruba- vacation Germany- visiting relatives San Francisco- engagement celebration Fayetteville, AR- visiting grandparents Savanah, GA- vacation Honolulu, HI- vacation and LAS VEGAS!!!!- BEST vacation Just picked up my brand new Honda CR-V Friday. There's nothing better than an odometer that reads 159 miles. : ) I've worked for: construction office technical college internet start-up retail home-based sales Nordstrom corporate marketing for a computer printer manufacturer property management plastics manufacturing insurance That's it for now. Love and hugs to all my new friends.
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Our little girl from Tacoma, Vicci Martinez made the second round of The Voice!
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The Killing, All Criminal Minds, All CSI's, Hawaii Five-0. Good Wife, NCIS- LA, Law and Order LA, Justified, Lights Out, Sons of Anarchy, Damages, Supernatural, All Real Housewives, Rachel Zoe, Flipping Out
Ellsworth Community College 1982, Fashion Merchandising

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